🌸🌸🌸🌸 out of 5 🌸s

#OctoberKiss by #KristenEthridge

This was a truly relaxing and fun read, light and filled with all the things we’ve come to love about #hallmark and #hallmarkchannel Love, whimsy, hope, faith.

The protagonist is Poppy, in her 20s and stumbling through life. She has moved in with her sister and her sister’s kids while her sister’s husband is overseas. Up til now, Poppy has been wildly unsuccessful in her many ventures in life.

That changes when she becomes nanny to Zoe and Zach, children of her sister’s friend Ryan. Ryan is the absolute definition of workaholic, to the point where he pays very close attention to his phone and zero attention to anything and anyone else.

Halloween comes along, and Poppy and the kids decide to honor the memory of Laurie, Ryan’s deceased wife, by going all out for the holiday.
The book ends, as expected, with love triumphing over all adversity.
I received a copy of this delightful book in return for an honest review. I recommend it!


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